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creative services & content to fuel the human experience

We are a small shop that works with select clients to provide fully customized marketing for all of your branding and social media needs, as well as, provide creative consulting, and personal guidance.

Specializing in storytelling, creativity, and intuitive guidance our President and CEO, Shannon Dias, has received rave reviews from clients and coworkers alike during her 25+ years in the creative services industry, and 5 in the field of personal development.

In addition to helping businesses Shannon founded Bring Joy Forward to provide a virtual space for holistic coaches to share their own brand of magic and find community together. Shannon's signature style of coaching, heART magic, harnesses your intuitive power using simple yet powerful artistic play within energy infused transformative sessions to empower you going forward and every day. She specializes in Expression and Spirit Speak where she intuitively asks pointed questions to help you on your journey through the human experience. Each encounter is a tool for understanding yourself better and finding more ways to balance the everyday challenges as well as the major ones. Most importantly, it is for you to discover your own brand of magic and bring joy forward.

Shannon is a master certified intuitive coach who uses art, discussion, and experiential practices to help people discover where their joy lives. She is both an artist and energy worker and believes everyone has magic inside them.

Creative Services to help your brand speak to the heart of your audience though your website and social media branding

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Consulting and Coaching to guide you on your personal or professional journey by Shannon Dias, CPC

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Books, journals, art, and intuitive tools to empower your journey

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"In all my years of receiving humbling and beautiful comments from people, this one is still my absolute favorite. DJ is one of the most creative people I have ever known and it still fills my heart with joy to get that recognition from someone who values it so much. It is not the creativity that matters most, but the heart.  We all need champions."


There are few humans in the world of media that can match Shannon's speed, creativity, and heart. It was a joy to watch her little hands tap your project out of the doldrums of mediocrity and into the realm of brilliance.


DJ Johnson

Shannon is highly intuitive and brings her spirituality and creative talents to her program development and coaching. Her mindful approach comes from her inner work and healing through trauma and profound loss. Shannon also grounds her coaching and creative groups in her personal experience which brings both an inner wisdom and a childlike wonder to her work. She is highly tuned into the importance of being present and honoring all of the precious moments life has to offer.


Lauri Maynard

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Artfully woven stories and tools for the human experience

Helping business professionals add mental health breaks in their day, empowering women over 40 to find peace in their journey, sharing stories to provide guidance and humor through the human experience, and providing the tech expertise for small business owners to look like a million bucks online. Ya, it's a strange mix but with 30 years in the media industry, a lifetime of intuitive guidance topped with a master coaching certification, the darkest of days working through my own trauma, and a strong belief in the importance of being present in the moment, this is where we are now.  The Bring Joy Forward network is a place to find acceptance, encouragement, and tools to not just survive, but laugh at, and thrive in this human experience. Join me, and the incredibly gifted professionals who host events and community on the network, as we all discover new ways to bring joy forward.