Our award winning staff and small business partners combine to offer the very best in media creation, creative consulting, and brand management.  As a former TV editor Shannon is adept at seeing all the pieces of the story and weaving them together so that you can connect with your audience.  As an intuitive coach she can help you connect with what you want and need.

Taking new clients for:

  • Design services
  • Social Media design and management - facebook and instagram
  • Website design & development
  • Media & Marketing consulting

If you demand one on one attention, creative solutions and out of the box thinking then give us a call or send us an email and we'll provide fully customized solutions for all of your branding needs.

"Shannon brings more than years of experience to her work. She has the ability to think and advise with unrestrained creativity-and execute on concepts. If you have the opportunity, I am confident you will enjoy the experience of working with her."

Daniel Belhumeur

Strategy and Innovation


Just some of our clients  and credits include:

Walt Disney World - linear and non-linear editing services
ESPN - Avid and linear editing services for NBA Finals
Jon "Bowzer" Bauman (formely of Sha Na Na) - Creative Services and social media
ASG Solutions - digital and print marketing and branding
The Villages Media Group - broadcast production and branding
Rocky Productions - full service brand management and creative services
Rocky and the Rollers - web design & development, marketing video, social media management
American Cancer Society* - broadcast production
Garrett Miles - Promotional video, social media development, web design
AppleSeed Marketing - web design & development, broadcast production
the CommConnection, Inc - web design & development, logo creation
Marquis Inc. - web design, flash intro
Hard Rock Cafe - Avid editing
“Hometown Health”* - broadcast production
“Best of Naples” - branding and Avid editing
“Beat the Clock” - Avid editing
“Forever Charleston” - HD Film
WGBH - various productions including Zoom*, This Old House, Antiques Roadshow, Arthur - Avid editing
DISCOVERY CHANNEL - various productions - Avid editing
“Digital Duo” - On line Avid Editing
"The Truth is Out There"* - Motorola Marketing - Post Production

*award winner

What makes us special?

Shannon is especially talented in creating innovative ideas to reach goals and work towards the future and her childlike ability to treat everyday like an adventure helps others see the possibilities in their own life. Both an artist and energy worker she believes everyone has magic inside them and guides them to find their own authenticity.
She provides creative services and solutions for clients through program development, talent resourcing and community engagement.

Shannon has a degree in Television Production with almost 30 years in the Media and Marketing Industry and has received several awards for both. Her extensive Management and Technology expertise combined with educational program development and event coordination provides an unmatched resource for increasing awareness and ongoing program development.

In addition, Shannon has experience creating hands-on educational programs from preschool through adult.

In 2018 she formed Intentional Heart, a 501(3)C non profit,  with the mission to create immersive experiences, retreats, workshops and programming that enrich and empower the lives of teens and young adults. After the recent death of her son in July at the age of 22 she outlined wave22, a program aimed at young adults to provide them with a “mental and physical playground” during the most critical time of their life and offer a practical and exciting solution for the addiction epidemic in this country. This program is currently under development and fundraising is underway.

In 2019, after receiving her master certification in life coaching, Shannon co-founded The Academy of Experiential Living with Lauri Maynard, MA, LMHC, CPC .  The mission is to help others bring joy forward in their daily lives through a holistic approach to life where you connect, create, grow, and play. Shannon helps people find and harness their inner magic through creative exploration, holistic wellness and play. This intuitive guidance is also used to help businesses find solutions that are specific to their needs.

She is an artist and child at heart and uses this playful approach to guide the individual and provide unique opportunities for personal growth. Her daily walk with grief allows her to connect and share strategies for living life after trauma.



Certified Personal Coach, Creative Consultant & Strategist, Program Developer, Artist

"I help people find and harness their inner magic through creative exploration, holistic wellness and play. Using art, energy, nature, and intentional tools you are guided to your own path of self awareness and personal power.

I help business form a synergistic approach to all areas of their organization to achieve dynamic results.“

"Working with Shannon was a pleasure. Her creativity was off the charts when she produced Lake Sumter Landing Preview, a TV show I was proud to host. She made my job easier being being throughly prepared week in and week out and she had a knack for bringing out the best in others. I was so impressed that I entrusted her with shooting the pivotal scenes of a documentary I am working on about the infamous Groveland rape case of 1949. I highly recommend Shannon."

Gary Corsair

Author/Editor/Public Speaker


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Rocky and the Rollers
Rocky and the Rollers wanted a promotional piece for booking agents that would showcase their many talents

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Rocky, Rocky and the Rollers


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