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  • Is "adulting" taking up all of your time?

  • Do you need a little more balance in your life?

  • Are you beginning your spiritual journey?

  • Maybe you're working on mindfulness?

  • Do you enjoy art or wish you did?

  • Are you tired of feeling like something is missing and long for a way to just add a little more joy into your daily life?

  • Are you walking with grief or trauma looking for ways to help you honor that process and step forward at the same time?

  • Maybe you wish you could chat with friends, laugh, and learn some fun things all from the comfort of your couch?

We've got you covered!

Shannon brings her experiential approach to spiritual wellness through mindfulness, creative expression and childlike wonder. This is the magic of finding peace in the process while embracing your adventure.

Shannon uses both her life experiences and her skills as a certified personal coach to help you on your journey. Think of it like a combination of talking to your best friend, therapy, and getting a tarot reading all in one. Her unique approach to moving alongside grief and living in the moment fully make for meaningful conversations that lead to awareness, mindset changes and actionable plans to help you with your goals and challenges. It's "real talk" with a side of silliness that really helps you do this thing called life.

Business professionals receive specialized coaching that utilizes 30 years as a business leader in the areas of media, marketing, and creative problem problem solving.  Shannon believes in a whole self approach to life to find the work life balance that leaves you fulfilled and energized. Whether you want someone to talk you through your ideas, or help you discover new ones, Shannon's ability to weave the requirements for business development with personal can help you on your journey.

Along with personalized coaching, Shannon offers workshops and classes that focus on providing an inclusive environment to explore, heal, play, and grow.

My Signature Offering can also be added on to support other healers and guides.

heART Magic
Settle in for a guided flow to connect with your own unique emotional process that promotes awareness, joy and healing. Working with the root, sacral, heart, and soul star chakras we’ll use art and playful practices to access your inner child to move energy and begin processing emotions, thoughts, or ideas that arise from your experience in this safe, healing space. Utilzing both the days events and intuitive prompts you’ll have the opportunity to create a magical splash of color that represents what you need at that very moment. Have fun and be empowered while actively transforming your life.

THE JOY JOURNEY, Shannon's signature coaching program, is a dynamic approach to honoring your feelings, exploring your journey, and harnessing your power to create organic happiness. It is a magical exploration that will unleash your inner child, uncover your creative potential and power, and introduce opportunities to develop strategies for your own inner peace.

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In 2019, after receiving her master certification in life coaching, Shannon co-founded Bring Joy Forward .  The mission is to help others bring joy forward in their daily lives through a holistic approach to life. Shannon helps people find and harness their inner magic through creative exploration, holistic wellness and play. This intuitive guidance is also used to help businesses find solutions that are specific to their needs.


Join us on the private Bring Joy Forward network with opportunities for both free and paid community spaces and events.