some coolness with a social twist

Well, it was an exciting day yesterday for Shannon, as she was featured in an online twitter blog. #fastfriday tweeps
It was quite the honor to be included among such great twitter users.


Here’s a little bit about the infamous @GCGeek

Mike Morucci

Ellicott City, Maryland, United States

I’m a humor writer and very active on twitter (@GCGeek). I hope you find my material funny and insightful. I’m also studying improvisation, and hard at work on my first script. I really appreciate your visit and hope you return! I appreciate your comments! Let us know what’s on your mind! And by "us" of course I mean "me". <-Shit. Does the period go inside the quotes? I think if it’s an actual quote, which it isn’t, even though it is me "saying" it. Where’s my Chicago Manual of Style?


Shannon has been actively using Twitter for about a year now, with activity increasing in the last six months. It is a great way to meet others, share ideas and in general be a small part of a much larger picture. The game of life.