Moove over business cards

I tweeted but had to share…I decided to take a chance on moo business cards and have to say, it’s all in the details.

From the very first email from “little moo” informing me of my order, through the little moo email telling me when “big moo” had it in production, right up to the moment I received this beautiful little package it has been all about the presentation. Very nice.

I tried out some new cards, thicker, more like foamboard and have to say that I very much like them. I only ordered a small run to test things out and will make some slight design changes based on taste but moo handled things very well all the way through. Just another example of how important company branding is to a business model.

I am having a great time with the setup of Imaginif Media and the new opportunities on the horizon. Very thankful for the amazing clients that I am lucky enough to work with every week.