Moving and Shaking

Well it has been a great couple of months here at The Imagination Shop.

We met some wonderful people down at the Disney Entrepeneur Center while taking a UCF Business Incubation class. We learned tons about how to help grow the business and were able to pitch some of our new product ideas to try them out. It was a great experience overall.

We worked with a fantastic new client to create a rocking new website for them to reach their fans and clients. Special thanks to Gerry Seader from Rocky and the Rollers for putting his image in our hands, we hope that will help bring them even more success.

And there’s more exciting things in the future as we begin talking about video projects that we will be “rolling” out next year.

All this AND we moved, again. But, now we have a nice new edit suite for the Avid and some space for meeting with our awesome clients.  Plus, our neighbors are so great that it’s like a home away from home.

We are all pumped up with creativity and excitement, and always have room for more fantastic clients. We happen to think that we have the best ones! Stop in and join the family.