In a Flash

Wow, this summer is flying right by us this year. This month has been particularly crazy, but as we like to say “good crazy”. Our office moving is not over as we’ve been working on finding something a little larger to fit our growth. So, in the next few weeks we’ll be doubling our space. It will be nice to have the space for meetings, editing and designing at the same time!

Rocky and the Rollers website build is starting to really get exciting as the new site takes on a different life. Happy clients and inspired designers make for an awesome team.

Hometown Health is growing by leaps and bounds and has lots of new things in store for the future. Our ongoing commitment to providing our clients with the highest level of service has been noticed all over Florida.

The Imagination Shop’s growth has been strengthened even further this past month through the help of the UCF Incubator Program and the Disney Entrepreneur Center as we attended an Excellence in Entrepreneurship 4 week class. Thanks so much for all involved. It was a pleasure meeting so many wonderful people and hope to continue those new found relationships. We learned quite a bit and are even more motivated for continued success.

And it’s been great working with some old friends again. Having been there ourselves, we just love supporting the local freelance market but it’s especially nice when you get to work  with amazing individuals. A very special shout out to Doug Hamilton who’s outstanding camera work and knowledge of his craft always makes for a successful event.

The months ahead look to be just as jammed pack and we are ready for it. Mostly because of the unbelievable support of one Cassie Russo, who’s help in the past months has been nothing short of incredible. We can’t thank her enough.

So what’s next? You’ll just have to use your Imagination!