Google Plus First Look

So, it’s only been one day, well 12 hours, since I have setup my Google Plus account and so far, WOW. This really has the potential to be a game changer. I literally spent the first 4 hours “connecting” and “communicating” with people. And I mean actual conversations. It wasn’t a post in the abyss wondering if anyone ever saw it. It was “talk” and it was pretty easy to do.


I think the strength lies in the UI (user interface) and the underlying code that holds it all together.  It appears “simple” at first glance but I think it is anything but and could lead to some pretty inventive communication solutions. 10 person integrated video chat, ya nice. We had a nice “chat” with each other and shared some Youtube videos. It was very easy to see how this will assist us a great deal with clients.


Say we just put together a marketing demo and the client can’t make it into the edit suite. Well then let’s hop on, watch the video together, yes I can pause and play and it will do the same for the other users. Very nice.

The huddle feature is essentially group chat and works fantastic on their mobile app. And speaking of app, they update that quite often, which means that they are constantly learning and more importantly, responding.

But, the real beauty of this entire system are the “circles”. Think facebook friends without the “wait and see if they accept me”. Instead you can pretty much “follow” who ever you want by adding them to a circle. Sure you can block people but if I didn’t know anybody I’d say that Google is very much trying to offer a more transparent and friendly system of connecting and sharing.  It’s actually much more like Twitter in this regard. It seems at first to be about actual sharing of useful information. Not what is on your virtual farm. I can see this being a great place for designers, and creatives. If you’ve ever done a group tweet then you can already see exactly how useful this program can be.  I mean where else can you read a post from one of the platform designers, written by himself, and not in a “company package”…


It really does seem to be on it’s way as a place to connect, truly connect, but then again maybe that is because for the most part it is filled right now with business professionals and not kids and virtual farmers.


As for the privacy issue,  I guess I find myself not concerned so much with “privacy” but more just “transparency”. I think that is what I love about twitter so much, it’s just people sharing in a mostly positive manner.  I mean basically if it’s on the web it’s out there anyway. Sure you can keep things private but I’ll go back to what my Mom always told me “if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all”. I’m going to call this g+ a place of openness and love because so far, that is just what I’ve been getting out of it.


Happy Sharing,